Young, Broke and Abroad: Getting to the Cruise Ship in Civitavecchia

Part of being Young and Broke is finding your way around towns that other people bypass with paying $130 per person transfers. If you are going on a cruise ship that leaves from Civitavecchia, Italy -DO NOT PAY FOR A TRANSFER FROM ROME. The transfer from Rome Termini could not be easier!

Turn Right out of the Train Station, walk 300 Meters

We took the high-speed train, for about 11 Euros from Termini in Rome. In 40 minutes we arrived in Civitavecchia. The train station is tiny. Walk directly out the front doors and turn to the RIGHT. You will see taxi and a parking lot and a sign (to your right) that says McDonalds 300 meters. The McDonalds is literally across the street from the Port entrance. Plus there is a huge castle/fort to the left, that you cannot miss.

So, to summarize – it you walk out of the train station take a right, walk 300 Meters to the McDonalds (the street actually curves to the right at this point). Enter the Port through a pass-way/gate. And about twenty feet from there, the port shuttle pick you up and takes you to the door step of your cruise ship.

Cruise Ship Port Gates