Rumble @ The Roseland 49

Rumble @ The Roseland 49 was an event for the Heavyweights. It’s not often you get to see two “big-boys” (who are current or former HWT Title holders) face-off and have the results be so explosive. A lot of the times it can be a slow “chess match” without much action. The Heavyweight Championship Fight at the FCFF’s Rumble 49 only lasted a one minute and 38 seconds. Willie Walden, of Team Quest and Vancouver, Washington knocked out Shaun Mirjavadi cold. Mirjavadi fell like a tree, 18 inches in front of me.

I got this video:

In other Heavyweight action two guys new to the FCFF faced off in what Kevin Keeney, the co-owner said “was one of the best rounds of heavyweight action ever.” George Jordan from California, fought Mike Moreno in the 205 pound weight class division. The first round was a whirlwind of all-out punches – without much logic to it. Each fighter was completely tensed – giving and receiving blows that would be ‘lights out’ for most fighters.

I took this clip:

One of my favorite new fighters got a chance for the 145-pound featherweight championship at Rumble 49: John Alden of TSN. He walked into TSN in 2009 and started training with FCFF veteran Erik Wander. He went up against Chris Beacock, a very skilled fighter out of the Armstrong MA – another great fight club producing great talent like Dennis Parks, former FCFF Champion turned professional. Alden, at first seemed a bit overtaken by Beacock in a very intense battle. He came out on top and book the Featherweight Title back home to TSN.

I took this clip:

What are cage fights without a little blood? Lee Flores and Nathan Allen battled for three rounds in a fight that was full of painful holds and gushing blood. Allen finally ended things with a tapout in two minutes and 40 seconds of round number three.

I took this clip: