On The Plus Side

Chandra Chase

Chandra Chase for Heffner

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The plus sized modeling world is bustling right now. With stores all over the main stream news, plus sized modeling seems to be on everyone’s radar. Plus size Supermodel Crystal Renn has gotten National attention with her new book: Hungry.  Mainstream magazines are launching “Size Issues” and opening up a real dialogue in America about “what is plus size?”

A typical plus sized model is about 5’10” and a size 10/12. This means they can run on the beach in a bikini – people who meet the top plus sized models are “shocked” how thin they truly are. I have experienced this myself. When working in LA on a shoot I met one of the top five full figured models in the industry – I was shocked and horrified when she stepped into a fat suit that made her only a size 10. I was a solid size 18 on the site. On the ads, we are the same size, made possible by ….. you guessed it “photoshop”. That side-by-side is in my blog header.

Regardless of what size plus sized models should be, I was one of them for a short time. Read about my adventures as a plus sized model by CLICKING HERE.


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