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Chandra Chase

Chandra's bad ass hair flip

Chandraland is the creation of a former international plus sized model who loves travel, combat sports, fashion and the lives of her friend circle.

Chandra was born in Portland, Oregon and finished her degree at Washington State University. Her plus sized modeling stint took off in 2004 with jobs in Munich (Germany), Hamburg (Germany), Tenerife (Canary Islands of Spain) and locally in the US.

Chandra’s self-esteem has never been connected to her size. At a size 22 she walks around with the same self love as a size 12. “My confidence does not depend on a number – weight, height, age, circumference… all numbers, all meaningless when it comes to happiness.”

Chandra Chase

Chandra Chase - Heffner Model Management

Travel is a lifestyle for Chandra. She constantly bypasses material things – including a diamond ring when she got married – for travel. Giving up expensive jeans, daily espresso, dinners out and bringing a sack lunch for work has provided the extra finances for travel.  Yes – its just that simple!

At about 12 years of age, Chandra’s first idol was The Coal Miners Daughter: Christi Martin. She was “lucky” to be raised by people and not the TV, Radio or Magazines. “The first time I heard the radio was in sixth grade”. Chandra lived in a neighborhood chocked full of girls and no cable. It sounds impossible, but by her graduation of high school she had only seen a handful of music videos and maybe a dozen magazines – total!

Chandra and James - August 15th, 2009

“I know the media influences girls dramatically. I am confident and I didnt see stick thin models in music videos. I didnt see racy cable shows where thin was the only way to be.  I didnt read any magazines growing up that obsessed over hair, makeup and clothing. I was talked to by my mother, grandmother, aunts and sister.”

2009 was a great year for Chandra. She was married to her longtime boyfriend James Raymond. On their honeymoon they visited Rome, Naples, Athens, Ephesus, Istandbul, Mykonos, Pyramids of Egypt and Alexandria.


2 Responses

  1. Wow, Chandra! I’m really happy for you. I just saw your website and read your article. As a size 24 black woman, I disagree with you, though, that models have to a size 12 or smaller. Mia Amber Davis, before she died, was beautiful, and a size 18. Rosie Mercado, whose a size 20/26(her measurements!) is a plus-size model, whose appearing on CurvyGirls tonight. As a woman on the larger side of being plus-size, I could relate to a woman that looks more like Gabourey Sidibe than I can Crystal Renn, whose gorgeous but also slimming down to get more jobs. I think that until there’s size diversity, there’s always going to be plus-size women, such as yourself, who are afraid of big, beautiful and confident plus-size women. I think that you have to realize that no everyone can get magically slim themselves down to a size 12. All the best!

    • Hello Piper. I am also a size 24 currently. I was “skinny” when I was modeling internationally. Women can model at any size, and act, and sing. but, to actually reach a level of a full time paid model (making over 100K per year) the industry only employs size 12s ish. That is fact. I personally do not agree with it. While modeling in Europe I was a size 14 and the biggest girl in the room. There is a different between “lifestyle” models and professional models. I support women of any size in the public eye. I am sorry you see me in the way you described. There is a difference between the professional and lifestyle worlds within the industry, even though they are in the public eye. You must see the difference.

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