Young, Broke and Abroad: Experiencing the Birth of ‘Beauty Reborn’ in London

Beauty Reborn

Beauty Reborn - London's First Event

London, England – Body image…. We hear about it in the USA all the time, and abroad. It’s a constant issue among teens, and women everywhere. While recently in Spain, they have taken strides to dramatically decrease anorexic
women on the runways (thus eliminating 30% of the models who worked before the new law), the rest of the world has yet to follow suit. The issue popped up again, when “VELVET,” a size 28, (300 pound) plus sized model – which is out of the range for professional plus sized models- walked the runway for Jean-Paul Gauliter. Some call it a shameless publicity stunt and I
agree. The debate of women who are: too thin, just right, and too big will always be around. The real issue at hand is self-esteem; and low to nonexistent levels that exist now in our youth.

In London, they have taken a different step towards increasing the self esteem of their young women. I was lucky enough to be present at Beauty Reborn; the first beauty contest for women sized 16 to 26. Hosted and created by international plus sized model: Charlotte Coyles.

Beauty Reborn is the product of Charlotte’s vision to see women in London, over the size of a UK16 (USA 12/14), embrace their bodies and become stewards of positive body image for all women in the UK. With her clout as an international plus sized model, she compiled an impressive list of backers from  the event, including: designers Anna Scholz, Daniel Galvin, and Elena Miro, Benefit Cosmetics, and giants in the plus sized industry Marks and Spencer. Plus, top publications and UK based television helped Charolette to spread the message further then just the audience.

Beauty Reborn was held in Piccadilly Circus in London, at Café De Paris. Twelve amazing women were featured; all extremely intelligent, confident, beautiful, and ranged from a UK size 16 – 26. It was a marvel of London’s commitment to diversity, love, and individuality. There is so much more to London then Big Ben, the River Thames, and all the amazing history that surrounds you there.


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