2010 Plus Sized Swim Suits

Black Suit from Swim Suits for All

Black Suit from Swim Suits for All

This season I started looking for swim suits early because I will be heading to Belize with the girls in February. The first thing I noticed is that the majority of plus sized suits are either ugly floral or neon stripped. Also, I noticed this year is especially bad for the actual cut of plus sized swim suits. They all seem to be boxy and unflattering.

I ordered this Black Plus Size Swimdress (CO3003-08X-1717) on sale for $43.98 from Swim Suits for All. A fun company that uses a variety of plus sized model – yes, ones that are over a size 12! But, I am sad to report it didnt have a good fit. The breasts fall down and the mid section is loose – when it fits everywhere else. Plus, it cost me about $8.50 to return. I did not have the best experience. However, this is my first time ordering from Swim Suits for All.

Newport News Brown Suit

Newport News Brown Suit

Next I ordered this sexy looking Brown number from Newport-News Swim Shop online. I am pear shaped so swim dresses usually work the best for me.

It was priced right at $39.00, but it had to be the worst fit ever – in the history of swim suits. As a pear shape you expect the bottom to be tight and top to be loose – somehow it was opposite in my size 22. I sent it back for an exchange for the black swim dress- which I havent received yet.

Chandra Chase in Costa Rica

Chandra in her Favorite Swim Suit


Okay, I love this suit so much that I literally wore it out. Here I am in Costa Rica with it on – I felt amazing and

confident in it – and I think it flatters my size 20 body as best as any suit could. I originally got it at Walmart, of all places. But I have only been able to find it again on Always For Me.

Always for Me Suit

Always for Me Suit

It runs $79 but is worth every penny!

The worst swim suits so far for the 2010 season have to be at Target. Which is sad, because I bought a good amount of tops for work from them last year. I tried on the pink suit, pictured to the left. If you can image it was more horrible then this!

Target Swim Suit

It was almost impossible to pull the super tight top over my hips, then the hips were cut too generous to fit…. it was hands down the worst cut, design and fit of any suit ever. All the suits at Target lacked enthusiasm and flair.


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